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Who We Are

Mountain West IRA has three (3) designated CISPs, Jon A. Galane, Karen Georgeson and Diana Hoff, which demonstrates we are up to date on industry laws and regulations and can give our clients peace of mind that they are getting the most accurate and up-to-date information. Our continuing education also creates a measurable benchmark for our development as a superior IRA administrator. Through our commitment to the CISP program we further provide an objective measure of competence, dedication, and superior service for our clients.

Mountain West IRA offers self-directed plan services to thousands of real estate and alternative asset investors nationwide.

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What We Do For You

The prestigious American Bankers Association®, which actively interacts with the financial and banking industry on laws, education, and enforcement of IRS and FDIC rules, has a professional certification education program that is second to none. This program is called the Institute of Certified Bankers.

The Institute trains, runs examination, and demands the highest standards of continuing education in the banking industry.

Their goal and the goal of Mountain West IRA is to assure both our current and potential clients that they are working with the most experienced, qualified, and ethical IRA officers and administrators in our business. ICB certifications are a vital component of that commitment.

The Certified IRA Services Professional (CISP) is a program that demands a minimum of 3 years of working with clients in the IRA industry. The candidate must complete hours of training and extensive testing, and receive the recommendation and endorsement of a current CISP.

No certification programs are more rigorous or more respected than those developed by the ABA Institute of Certified Bankers.
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Who's behind Mountain West IRA

Leadership Team

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Jon Galane

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Karen Georgeson

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Lisa Galane

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Shelly Smith

Accounts Receivable Team

Meagan McDaniel

Asset Maintenance Team

Adriane Hull

Capriel Halliday

Kelsy Severson

Business Development Team

Diana Hoff

Natasha Reams

Kendall Duback

Compliance Team

Crystal Stoddard

Transactions Team

Raegan Rubio

Anna Riley

Austin Leagjeld

Thomas Schuster


Sherry Poole

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