The first step to opening a self-directed IRA is selecting the type of account you wish to open. If you are unsure which type of account you would like to open, you can visit our Retirement Plans page, contact Mountain West IRA, or discuss your options with your tax professional.

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To open an account, we will need the following items:

A completed IRA Starter Kit. Note: For specific plan, please choose the designated kit here.
Copy of your driver’s license.
Fund the account by Transfer, Rollover or Annual Contribution.

Transfer Form and statement for each IRA from which we will be directly receiving funds.


Rollover Certification Form and statement for each employer sponsored plan (401k, etc.).

$50 Account Establishment Fee.

Select the Starter Kit for Your Chosen Plan

Health Savings Account (HSA) Starter Kit

Download the Health Savings Account (HSA) Starter Kit.

Individual 401(k) Plan Starter Kit

Download the Individual 401(k) Plan Starter Kit.

Precious Metals Foreign Currency Starter Kit

Download the Precious Metals Foreign Currency Starter Kit.

Roth IRA Starter Kit

Review step-by-step directions to complete a Roth IRA Starter Kit.

SEP Starter Kit

Download the SEP Starter Kit.

SIMPLE IRA Starter Kit

Download the Simple IRA Starter Kit.

Traditional IRA Starter Kit

Review step-by-step directions to complete a Traditional IRA Starter Kit.

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