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Why Self Directed IRA Custodian Companies

Traditional approaches to retirement investing lead many otherwise savvy investors to overlook one of the most lucrative wealth-building strategies available: self-directed tax-free and tax-deferred investing in alternative assets.

Investors in the know have learned, and you can too, that under your direction, your self-directed retirement plan can invest in real estate, notes, limited partnerships, and many other assets.

With the great tax advantages provided by a self-directed IRA or 401(k), as well as the wider range of possible investments, you can potentially build wealth and secure your future much more effectively than you can through traditional plans.

Mountain West IRA has been showing individuals and small businesses how to take advantage of self-directed retirement plans for over a decade. With a knowledgeable staff and our clients’ best interests in mind, we offer the outstanding customer service that only an independently owned and operated administrator can. The owners have combined experience in the IRA and retirement planning field of 48 years.

Our accounts provide investing freedom and simple processes to allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your investments.

Alternative Investments

An example of investing in what you know best.

Self-directed investing is most effective when investors pursue opportunities that they know and understand. The following case study is an actual scenario of what a Mountain West IRA client has done to turn their IRA into the Ultimate Retirement Machine. (The names have been changed to protect the innocent.)

Ira N. Vestor had an IRA with a brokerage firm that has been puttering out inconsistent returns for years. Ira has lived on a farm for most of his life, and he has a good feel for when there is profit to be had in livestock. Fed up with the ups and downs of the stock market, Ira opened an account with Mountain West IRA so he could invest in assets which are more familiar and comfortable.

With the assistance of an unrelated third party rancher acting as manager of his assets, Ira directs Mountain West IRA to cut a cashier’s check and mail it to the rancher. This check is used to purchase Black Angus Cows at auction. Ira’s retirement account becomes the legal owner of these cows. Under the care of the rancher, the cows are bred and the offspring are then sold at auction. This generates a 100% COWpital gain, and all that income goes back into the IRA and remains completely tax deferred!!!

These cows are to be used for milk production, which creates a steady stream of income (Bovidends) for the retirement account. When the price is right, the calves are sold, all income is returned directly to the retirement account so it remains tax advantaged, and Ira is able to direct the funds into the next opportunity that he feels will be the best way for him to turn his IRA into the Ultimate Retirement Machine!

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Are You Looking To Self-Direct Your Retirement Account?

If you’re looking for self-directed IRA companies, look no further than Mountain West IRA. We take great pride in helping our clients create the IRA retirement plan that will provide you with the solid financial foundation you need to ensure you can live comfortably in your retirement years.

Mountain West IRA is a nationally trusted self-directed IRA administrator. We accept a vast array of alternative allowable investments so you can create a diverse alternative asset portfolio that yields the results you are looking for to fund your retirement years, while being in control of your retirement.

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Self-Directed IRA Investment Process

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