April 10, 2014

Investing In Senior Living Real Estate

Jon Galane
4 min

The growing senior population in the United States gives rise to some interesting allowable investments. While most real estate investors are purchasing single or multi-family homes, others are looking at the aging population and seeing other real estate possibilities.

The share of the population age 65 and older has been steadily increasing since 2000 and many of these seniors, although remaining active, no longer want to be tied down to a single family home.  Instead they are finding the activities and conveniences of new senior living facilities to be an attractive and affordable new lifestyle.

Active adult communities typically contain a mixture of single-family homes, cluster homes and multi-family housing targeted to adults age 55 and older and providing additional recreational activities such as golf, tennis, dancing and other community gatherings. With new locations developing at a rapid rate, investors are finding abundant opportunities.

In addition to the active life style communities, as people age, their need for assistance in daily living activities such as eating, dressing, standing, sitting, walking and taking medications properly will inevitably increase. Thus the need for facilities including assisted living and skilled nursing is also on the rise and investment dollars are needed to fund these new facilities.

Unlike purchasing a single family home to be self-managed or managed by a property management company, investors can partner with other investors and larger, well-capitalized senior housing owners and managers to reduce the uncertainties concerning operations.

Ironically, investors can use their self-directed IRA funds to invest in the type of facilities they may someday retire in themselves. Contact Mountain West IRA for assistance.

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