May 13, 2016

Simple IRAs for Small Businesses

Jon Galane
4 min

Employer-sponsored plans often contain many rules that can be confusing for both employers and employees of a small business.

For this reason, some employers with small businesses of 100 employees or less choose to use SIMPLE IRAs instead.

SIMPLE stands for Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees and gives employers an easy way to make contributions for employees and themselves.

They have fewer rules than many other employer-sponsored plans and are easier to administer.

These plans also boast these benefits:

Tax-deferred savings

The contributions put into a SIMPLE IRA can grow tax-deferred until distributions are taken in retirement.


SIMPLE IRAs do not have to follow many of the requirements found with qualified plans. They are easy to set up and run, making saving for retirement a breeze for everyone involved.

Multiple investment choices

With a SIMPLE IRA through Mountain West IRA, investors can invest their funds in a wide variety of options including real estate, notes, precious metals and more.

Consider a Mountain West Self-Directed SIMPLE IRA if:

  • You have a company with less than 100 employees
  • You are looking for a plan with low-start-up and administrative costs
  • You want a plan that provides a simplified way to contribute toward retirement for employer and employees
  • You need to reduce business taxes
  • You want a plan that can help to attract and retain employees
  • You want employees to contribute through convenient payroll deductions
  • You would like flexibility in how much to contribute to the plans
  • You are looking for a wider range of investment choices

For more information on these plans and their allowable investments, visit the Mountain West IRA website or contact them. Setting up and contributing to retirement plans for employees does not have to be complicated.

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