August 5, 2016

Benefits of Alternative Investments

Jon Galane
4 min

Many investors still are not aware that they can invest in alternative investments.

Anything that does not fall within the definition of traditional stock and bonds can be loosely defined as alternative investments.

These types of investments have many benefits related to them.

1. Mitigate Market Volatility

Alternative investments can cushion a portfolio from market volatility when the investments are in asset classes that feature low correlation to the markets.

2. Diversification

“Do not put all of your eggs in one basket” has been saying for decades. Investing in alternative assets allows the investor to spread the risk out. With all of the alternative allowable investments available, investors have a wide range of choices. Please visit to view popular alternative allowable investments.

3. Returns

If investors are willing to risk a little more on certain alternative investments, they may be rewarded with higher returns. Other investments, such as real estate, can provide a relatively steady income stream for many years to come.

4. New Opportunities

Not every investor is comfortable in their knowledge of the stock market, which can make investing more difficult. However, by investing in alternative assets, it opens up new exposures and opportunities where they may have more interest and knowledge. Our clients have the opportunity to set the terms of their returns or dividends by choosing their investments.

5. Lower Transaction Costs

Short-term investments can require high amounts of turnover, which can lead to high transaction costs. While alternative investments may have a higher upfront fee compared to short-term traditional investments, they will not have as high of a turnover rate, keeping transaction costs lower. Depending on your expertise Mountain West IRA has 2 different fee schedules to keep costs as low as possible.

Talk to Mountain West IRA about the alternative investments available to investors. Some of the alternative allowable investments include real estate, precious metals, private placements, and more.

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