October 14, 2013

Investing Your Self Direct IRA In A Start Up Business

Jon Galane
3 min

Many people dream of starting small businesses or starting a new venture but fear using traditional small business financing or taking out loans with high interest rates. However, prospective entrepreneurs and business owners don’t often realize that existing retirement funds can be used to fund start-up businesses. If you’re confident the business has the potential to be a success over the long run, investing your retirement funds can be a very savvy financial decision. By rolling your existing retirement savings into a Mountain West self-directed IRA, you can now invest in a business or start-up without tax penalties. There are IRS restrictions, but you should certainly consider using this smart and viable financing option.

Investing your self-directed IRA in a start-up or small business allows you to affect the value of both your small business and retirement account. You have the ability to lower the overhead of your start-up while accelerating the growth of your IRA. In addition, the following benefits make investing in a start-up a win-win situation:

  • Use funds from your self-directed IRA without early distribution taxes or penalties
  • Start your small business without incurring as much debt while gaining substantial tax benefits
  • Invest up to 100% of your self-directed IRA or use a percentage
  • Combine your self-directed IRA funds with those of your spouse or business partner
  • Net substantial savings on interest fees and protect your credit
  • Roll profits you gained back into your business or retirement plan
  • Put yourself in the fast lane for financial success

To learn how you can invest your self-directed IRA in a start-up or small business, contact Mountain West IRA. Now’s the time to enjoy the substantial savings that come along with the tax and credit advantages of a self-directed IRA.

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