May 22, 2014

Paradigm Commercial Capital Group

Jon Galane
6 min

Paradigm Commercial Capital Group is a nationally recognized leader in equipment lease and finance. Paradigm CCG provides commercial lending of all types, including commercial real estate loans, private equity transactions, and with a primary focus on equipment leasing.

Composed of a group of certified, highly experienced financial professionals, Paradigm CCG is at the forefront of the commercial finance industry. Paradigm works in correlation with wealth management groups and financial planners to provide both investors and small businesses a distinctive opportunity for concurrent growth.

Paradigm primarily seeks to lend to C and D credits, companies that are considered unbankable. To counter the credit risk for these borrowers, Paradigm requires a 10% cash security deposit, along with a 2:1 collateral security based on third-party inspections and evaluations.

After a comprehensive approval process, Paradigm uses private investors’ money to fund these transactions, generally paying investors 18% over a 24-month period. The relationship with the investor or fund is vital to the overall success of Paradigm’s business model.

The model is based on transparency, not only between Paradigm and clients, but also between Paradigm and the investor. Each investor knows exactly which transaction they are funding and no monies are ever pooled from multiple sources in any given transactions. Paradigm allows the investor the opportunity to review deals prior to the dispersal of the investment.

Once Paradigm receives notification from the investor that the deal is something he or she would like to fund, Paradigm collects and then disperses the money to the borrower. In closing documents to the borrower, a sale and assignment is issued to the funding party.

This gives the investor protection with rights to the specific collateral assigned to the deal. Paradigm will issue monthly payments to the investor of the full return from the corresponding month’s interest and principal payments received.

In the event that there is any default, Paradigm handles the liquidation of the collateral. Any monies received will first be deployed back to the investor to make them whole, including interest that would have accrued. If in the liquidation process there are leftover funds from the sale, the proceeds will be split between Paradigm and the investor.

Paradigm has developed a process that investors value. Using a self-directed IRA to invest in commercial financing with Paradigm can be a lucrative addition to an investor’s portfolio. With numerous strategic alliances and expertise in private investments, Paradigm Commercial Capital Group provides a broad range of allowable investments. Their knowledge and depth of expertise maximizes efficiency to an investor’s advantage.

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