October 23, 2014

Retirement Preparation

Jon Galane
3 min

When the time has come to starting preparing to leave the workforce, getting everything in order is a good idea.

There are key steps starting a year out that one should take before retiring.

  • 12 months out: Cut back on stock investments. A downward trend in the market could affect years of saving. Create a retirement budget. There are multiple calculators to help figure this out based on expenses and one’s nest egg.
  • Six months: Figure out health care finances. If a Health Savings Account hasn’t already been set up, this is the time to discover what coverage option will work best.
  • Three months: Begin the rollover process. The professionals at Mountain West IRA can help with this.
  • Plan ahead. Start thinking of how to fill time after retiring. Research volunteer options in the area, discover a new hobby or look into starting a new business.

Planning for retirement can be overwhelming and stressful.

Mountain West IRA can help take the stress out of retirement planning. They have multiple plans to fit everyone’s needs.

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