January 15, 2014

Self Directed IRA Investment Ideas: Bed and Breakfast

Jon Galane
3 min

Even in a sluggish economy, bed-and-breakfasts are a popular choice for tourists seeking lodging off the beaten path.

They offer guests the opportunity to socialize with other travelers in a more intimate setting. Many countries offer a variation of the bed-and-breakfast, but most are small lodging establishments with fewer than 10 bedrooms available to rent out.

For retirees who love to provide hospitality, they also offer post-retirement job opportunities. And with their rebounding popularity, bed-and-breakfasts may also be an excellent allowable investment for your self-directed IRA.

While it generally requires significant legal guidance to invest your self-directed IRA in a business you’re personally going to run, investors who want to avoid self-dealing can do so by investing in a business owned by someone else; perhaps a trusted colleague with great business sense. This helps you avoid prohibited transactions.

If you are interested in building your retirement portfolio, think about investing your self-directed IRA in nontraditional assets, whether it’s a bed-and-breakfast or another investment you’re interested in. We won’t tell you what to invest in—the beauty of self-directed IRAs is the freedom they offer you as the investor. Give us a call so we can help you get started with investing today. Now’s the time!

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