What is a self-directed IRA vs a regular IRA?

There is no legal distinction between a “Self-Directed IRA” and any other IRA. The difference is Mountain West IRA lets you take control of your retirement by letting you invest your IRA in what you know and understand best.

There are 2 different sets of rules that govern what you can do with your IRA:

  1. Internal Revenue Code, which has very few
  2. Your account agreement with your current Custodian. With most Custodians you are restricted in the type of investments you can buy in your IRA.  Mountain West IRA allows you to maximum the amount of control and flexibility.

Almost anything that can be documented can be held in your Mountain West IRA Self-Directed IRA.

Setup your ultimate Retirement Machine!

Mountain West IRA offer a variety of retirement plans for individuals and small business owners.

Building wealth can be difficult, but our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to serving as your primary source for financial education, enabling you to make informed self-directed asset purchasing decisions.

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