June 12, 2015

Long Term Investor Traits

Jon Galane
4 min

Long-term investors take a different approach to creating and molding their portfolio.

They tend to think different when seeing how an investment will grow over a long period of time, instead of trying to rich quick.

Here are a few things long-term investors do:

Don’t chase a “hot tip”

They don’t pay much attention to what others are doing or tips they might get from them. They believe in researching an investment themselves and deciding if it fits into their portfolio.

Don’t stress the small changes

When an investment value fluctuates, many investors drop them and run for the hills. Long-term investors hold out, knowing it will straighten itself out in the end.

Stick with their strategy

Some investors switch up their strategy whenever they stumble over a new one. Long-term investors find one that works and don’t waver.

Focus on the future

It can be hard to see the future potential of an investment, especially when looking at how it has performed in the past. Even though this can sometimes be a decent indicator, it isn’t the be-all and end-all.

Have a different perspective

Long-term investors adopt a long-term perspective. This is different from focusing on large short-term profits that help people get in and get out with a chunk of money. They think farther ahead and less about the immediate earnings of an investment.

Many people turn to long-term investing when supplementing their retirement savings accounts. Mountain West IRA offers many alternative assets for investing with a self-directed retirement plan. Learn more about their plan and investment options here.

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