November 28, 2014

Retirement Saving As A Small Business Owner

Jon Galane
4 min

Small business owners are in a different boat when it comes to saving for retirement.

Unlike their employees, business owners don’t just check a box once to keep taking money out of their paycheck each payday. This means they have to be even more disciplined when it comes to saving money.

They don’t have the luxury of not thinking about it.

To stay disciplined, many business owners have found setting a goal to challenge themselves can encourage them to set a certain amount aside each month.

Goals are good motivators and increasing those goals every couple of months could help set aside a decent amount for retirement.

Treating saving for retirement like a bill, is another trick used by many successful small business owners to consistently save each month.

A self directed SEP IRA account can be the perfect vehicle for business owners to use when saving for retirement.Business owners who have a flexible income often find deciding on a percentage of their income rather than a fixed amount can be a more practical approach.

Also, taking small steps into saving can help. Instead of planning on a huge percentage if it isn’t practical at the time, start small and build up.

The individuals at Mountain West IRA can help small business owners set up a retirement plan to help them successfully save.

They offer many options and can help determine which retirement program will best fit the situation.

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